Monday, 23 November 2015

Tri-Husky Sprint Triathlon Race Report

When it comes to sheer beauty, Huskisson is nature's version of Brigitte Bardot. 
This was one reason that I was relishing  the opportunity to race another sprint distance event in a town so perfect for triathlon.
While the location is ideal, the conditions on the day were not and the sound of the starting siren for the deep-water swim start saw us hacking our way through some solid south-easterly slop. 
I managed to be in the wrong place at the right time for most of the swim and copped more elbows and fists than a bar room brawl on a Friday night.
I exited the water mid-pack and climbed the carpeted stairs to set about pushing out some watts on the tredley.
On the bike at Huskisson
Whilst relatively flat, the Husky bike course can deceptively lead you to thinking that maybe you should be traveling a bit better than you are numbers-wise. I certainly felt that at stages, yet in retrospect, it was my best leg relative to other competitors. 
Once I was through T2, I managed to run my best 5km off a bike to date and felt in control for the bulk of the trip.
Working hard during the run
In the wash-up I finished 10th of 28 in my AG. In horse racing parlance, the form guide would probably read "Should gain experience from racing here and strip fitter for the run."
Finishing off the run
I'm looking forward to some hard work over the next couple of months before returning to Husky, along with Wollongong and Batemans Bay in the new year.

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