Sunday, 22 February 2015

The Hard Grind

Approaching the penultimate week of my 5km training program I could assume one of two approaches. I could either dread it or embrace it.

I chose the latter, knowing that this week would be the major foundation for my performance in 14 days time.

I also began to heavily incorporate my bike into the regime for a bit of icing on the cake.

The week started well with my fastest easy run over 5km to date. I clocked 27:55 in a fairly laid back effort and felt good all the way.

I backed it up with a very tough interval session on the track a day later where I ran 8 x 400m.

On Thursday my partner, who loves trail running, convinced me to tackle a 4.2km out and back course with a nice elevation. It was very tough but a lot of fun, I really love the challenge of hills.

This particular out-and-back run has an elevation of close to 200m in the first 2km with the run home the opposite. Hopefully it will assist me in improving my climbing capacity.

Saturday saw a solid 8km effort which I completed in 47:42, this included a PR on a hill segment in the seventh kilometre which I was happy with.

The new ride
Sunday saw my final long run of the 5km program, which was the longest of the entire plan. It was an easy 11.5km which I completed in a leisurely 1:15:36. I was certainly glad to see the back of that run which was the culmination of a very intense week and also signified the beginning of a taper.

I also spent the week getting to know my new bike and beginning to learn a lot about cycling. It is something that I have never done other than as a teenager getting from A to B. The bike is a 2014 Jamis Xenith Comp and way better than anything I have owned in the past.

I am really enjoying riding and looking forward to improving and doing a whole lot more.

The totals for the week were;

Running - 39.1km in 4:11 with an elevation of 369m.

Cycling - 129.8km in 5:43 with an elevation of 672m.

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