Monday, 5 January 2015

A New Year Begins

The dawn of a new year means that there is plenty to look forward to.

I decided to welcome in 2015 with Sandon Point Parkrun, It was to be my third run over the course.

New Year's Day fell on a Thursday and I had began the week with a 25-minute interval run two days earlier.

After staying up late on New Year's Eve, I felt a little flat come the morning of the run and certainly wasn't expecting to set the world on fire.

It was a hot and humid morning with the mercury encroaching the 30 degrees celsius mark during the run. Even the warm up seemed to take a toll.

The final time for my 5km was 28:36, which was better than I expected given the way I had felt going into it.

I most definitely hit a bit of a flat spot towards the end of the fourth kilometre. It includes a slight incline which I would normally consider as one of my stronger sections. However, the hotter conditions had taken their toll and I struggled before mustering a little more effort in the final kilometre.

I topped off the day with a bike ride in the afternoon, I had not been on my bike in years but may use it for a bit of cross training when I can. I managed to get 14km done and am unsure at this stage as to how much I will continue to ride; time will tell.

The New Year's Day Sandon Point Parkrun Group.
This week also signified the end of the original six-week training plan that I had chosen. I have decided to continue to stick with a 5km plan rather than look for more ground just yet.

I finished off the week with a longer, easy run on Saturday followed by a gentle shorter one on the Sunday.

Saturday’s run took place in very hot conditions. I had mapped a very flat run aimed at going a bit further at a slower pace. I am trying to work on being able to travel at a more “conversational pace” on the easy runs as I believe I am going a little bit too hard at present.

It was a tough run and, while I wouldn't say I achieved the slowish pace I was after, I certainly made a step in the right direction. It took 49:34 to traverse the 7km course at an average pace of 7:05/km. The splits varied from 6:45 to 7:35, in hindsight I'd prefer them a little more uniform which will hopefully come with time and discipline.

I am trying to work towards the 80/20 training principle and have found my current “easy” workouts to be closer to moderate or above. I am aiming to wind those back a little to maintain freshness and avoid carrying fatigue into runs.

Sunday’s run was much easier. Just a tick over 4km at a moderate pace (6:15/km average), ideally I'd prefer to have done it a little easier, but it was consistent and not overly hard.

The running summary for the week was 26.1km in 2:49 with an elevation of 97 metres.

The bulk of next week will be spent training at home before I am off to Melbourne for work for three weeks where I will continue to train there.

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