Wednesday, 31 December 2014

What Is Your Resolution?

I have never been one for New Years resolutions and I do not recall ever making one.

Far from being an anti-resolution type, it is just something I have never felt the need to do.
I am more the type who will try to do something straight away rather than use a milestone such as the start of a new week, month or year to kick something off.
2015 will be no different although running will allow me to set a few goals.

My first is a simple one and one that I have based purely on the numbers I have produced in December. 
That goal is to run 1000km in 2015. 
To me that looks a massive figure and one that I'd never of dreamed of just a couple of months ago.
Reaching it will be another matter but I am confident that I can.
Looking forward to running lots in 2015.
I would also love to break the 25 minutes for a 5km run. That will take a huge improvement on my current personal best but it should be achievable if I work hard.
Individual distances run is an interesting one for me. I originally had no desire to get as far as 5km. Now that I have, I love it.
While it is not a goal that I am exactly     yearning for, the chance of going further in 2015 is a distinct possibility.
I will add to my list of goals running 10km, hopefully on multiple occasions.
My final goal is probably as close to a resolution as I will get. That is more the result of me having an unpredictable work roster and weekend commitments.
The goal is to run in as many organised 5km fun runs as I can. Whether it be Parkrun, the Sydney Summer Twilight Series or any other community run, I will run in any that I am available for.
Summarising my list for 2015, my goals are;
- Run 1000km for the year.
- Run a sub 25-minute 5km.
- Run 10km's at least once.
- Run in as many events as possible.
They appear very realistic goals and hopefully in 12 months time I am writing about achieving them all.
I can not wait to take the next step on my journey.

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