Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Too Much, Too Soon and No Plan

Armed with Strava as my new tracking system and plenty of enthusiasm, I set off on another week of running haphazardly between November 24 and 30, 2014.
I started to push boundaries a little in terms of distance which was almost a surprise to myself considering I had no plans of ever going beyond 3km at the start of the week.

Looking back on the week, it was a concoction of mixed distances, varying paces and little rest between runs.

One thing in hindsight that was becoming apparent was that I had no plan and no goal.

I mapped five runs in just four days for a total of 15.7km. It was way too much, too soon, but I was enjoying it and did not know any better.

Crash & Burn Style Splits
One 3.1km run felt particularly good. It took 18:55 and had splits all within 15 seconds of each other per kilometre.

The worst run (which is the one pictured) was the first little pointer to me that I needed both a training plan and to space my runs a little more.

It was 4.5km and I gradually got slower and slower. It was clear that I was also still having a lot of trouble pacing myself and this run was probably the one that made me really start to think about that.

I began to peruse as much literature as I could find on running in general. If I was going to keep this up, I had lots to learn.

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    (I have a ridiculously long blogs-to-read backlog, but I couldn't resist in writing in the above RIGHT NOW.)

    And in all seriousness, I monitor my fatigue/fitness via SportTracks. Strava has a similar function for premium user cyclists which makes use of HR data. You can still use the feature if you're a runner, but you need to change all your activities to Rides. :\ It's a bit silly IMO that Strava have this fantastic feature, which now using HR data (it used to be limited to Power Meter data only, and that's why it's a cyclists' feature), and it's not available to runners! [/rant]

  2. Agree completely.

    Thankfully things have improved, still catching up on here but not too far away.