Saturday, 27 December 2014

Beginning A Training Plan

Now that I knew that I wanted to concentrate on running 5km, I could start to search for a training plan.

There is a myriad of options online and I basically just chose the one with the elements I liked. One of the main factors in the decision I made was the fact that it involved interval training.

My partner plays Australian Rules Football in the winter (also known as AFL) which is a sport that interval training is great for. Since she was also going to do the training plan I thought that this one would be most beneficial.

What stood out to me most when searching plans was the frequency of rest days. As mentioned I earlier blogs, I jumped in at the deep end once I started running regularly. Seeing these plans made it clear to me that I had been on a collision course for either burnout or injury.

32:32 was one of my early 5km efforts
Since I have implemented these rest days, I always feel much more fresh and prepared for a run when I do go.

I had already run 5km to start the week and kick-started the training two days later.

It is a six week plan with the assumed goal being a 5km race at the end. I have no plans for that race but am simply aiming towards being able to run a better 5km.

The first week involved three easy runs between 20 and 30 minutes (Tuesday, Friday and Saturday) as well as a 30 minute run which involved interval running during the middle ten minutes.

To date, it is the most kilometres I have racked up in a week (20.7km).

I managed to improve my best 5km effort during that interval run to 32:32 which was over a minute better than the start of the week. I think the fact that I had incorporated two rest days into the week may have been a big reason for this, particularly after almost two weeks of wall-to-wall running in the lead up.

The summary for the week was 2:21 running, 20.7km with an elevation gain of 48 metres.

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