Saturday, 27 December 2014

A Runner's Worst Nightmare

With the first week of a new training plan completed, I looked forward to another week and making more progress.

It was another week of inroads, however it was laced with a fair amount of disappointment.

I was to have a  fleeting encounter with the bane of all runner’s existences, injury.

The week’s runs included a 20 minute easy run, a 37.5 minute run with intervals in the middle third, another 20 minute easy run and a 35 minute easy run.

It was on the initial 20 minute run that I felt a slight twinge in my left calf. Having torn that calf in the past, I was not overly concerned and attributed it to just general tightness.

However things turned a little more sour in my next outing, including extreme tightness and a particular moment during an interval effort where it “grabbed” quite sharply.

I was still able to get through the run, but pulled up very sore. Even after the rest day and managing it, I was far from happy. I was a picture of disappointment and decided to head to the physiotherapist before risking any further damage.

He delivered some heartening news that the pain was being caused by tightness through my hips and ankles. My foot was striking the ground slightly out of alignment and thus putting extra strain on my calf.

After some solid manipulation plus a stretching regime to follow, along with repeat visits, it has begun to improve greatly. Managing it will be of the utmost importance if I am to avoid a repeat dose of the pain.

My physio was Callum O'Brien at BaiMed Physiotherapy in Woonona, New South Wales. He was great to work with and very thorough, I would not hesitate to recommend them.

The weekly summary included four runs totalling one hour and 52 minutes. The total distance travelled was 17km and the elevation gain was 78 metres.

Having got on top of a small set back that had me worrying I may miss some running, I was looking forward to the next week.

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